10" vinyl single, 2013

This 10" vinyl single was released in February 2013, about two months before the full-length album "Infestissumam".


A small amount, 200 copies in clear vinyl, was intended for sale exclusively at the show at Cupolen in the band´s home town

of Linköping, Sweden, on December 15, 2012, as a sort of souvenir for the fans that attended.


As you know, that show was very special as it marked the end of the first album era with Papa Emeritus I,

and the beginning of the new "Infestissumam" era with Papa Emeritus II.


However, something went wrong in the distribution and the single never appeared as planned.


Instead, those 200 copies ended up being sold exclusively via mailorder by "Bengans", a Gothenburg-based record store, in February 2013.

By that time, the standard black vinyl had also been released.

Clear vinyl, 200 copies.

Black vinyl, 2000 copies.*

* It is a common conception that the black vinyl exists in 1000 copies and that all of them

were sold in Sweden and / or Scandinavia only.

I personally belive that the record actually is limited to 1000 black vinyl copies and

that the common conception is correct.

However, it is stated in an article in Sweden Rock Magazine published

at the time of the release that 1000 copies were also made for the American market.


Also, when "Infestissumam" was released on (red) vinyl in the USA, one of the ways it was available was in a bundle with a large lithograph, a T-shirt and - yes,  the 10" black vinyl of "Secular haze"!


Another interesting thing about this is that about this time Ghost changed the band name

from "Ghost" to "Ghost B.C.". That name change applied to the American market only.


So, when you bought the American "Infestissumam" album-bundle; the red vinyl LP, the lithograph and the

T-shirt, all had the "Ghost B.C." name - but the "Secualar haze"-single had not. It is called just "Ghost".


From this we can assume that the "Secular haze" 10" included in the bundle was not made in America

and that all 2000 copies were made in Sweden, or actually "in the EU", which is stated on the label.

Then 1000 were sold in Sweden and the other 1000 sold in the US.

So, were there 2000 copies made of the black vinyl 10" "Secular haze"-single?

Your guess is as good as mine...

The picture is taken directly from the actual

ad for the "Infestissumam"-vinyl bundle