Prints, original art, promo posters etc.

In this section you will find various Ghost posters

such as prints, original art, magazine posters, tour posters, promo posters and whatever.

Unfortunately, I have most of my posters rolled up and stored away in tubes.

It´s kind of sad and necessary at the same time, because I want to have the posters on the wall,

but at the same time I want them in mint condition and all displayed posters will eventually fade over time.

The fact that I have the posters stored away means that I cannot give any exact measurements on most of them.

In time I will no doubt take them out and measure them, but for now this is what you´ll get.

One of my walls with some of the posters.

Apart from the poster included in the die-hard edition of "Opus Eponymous", this is the first poster ever produced on Ghost.

It´s screenprinted on heavy stock and was only available at the band´s concerts for the first five or six months. By late 2011 they were all gone!

The first 100 copies were signed and individually numbered on the back by artist / designer Erik Danilesson of Watain,

and another 100 copies was sold unnumbered and unsigned.

The four posters above were sold by the band´s official store, and are referred to as "art prints".

Printed on thick, black stock and limited to 200 copies each.

"Road to Rome".

Official poster sold by the band´s store.


Original art drawing by Alan Forbes.

I don´t own this one.


Official print from 2011 made in 100 copies.

Signed and individually numbered by artist

Alan Forbes

Poster from "Rock Hard" magazine.

The three pictures above are all original paintings / drawings by artist Alan Forbes, who also signed them.

All of them have been used for officially licensed products such as T-shirts, posters and album cover.

Needless to say, since these are the original art, only one of each exist. About standard A4 size and painted on thick paper.

I was very lucky to obtain them several years ago.

Front and back of the same promo poster for "Infestissumam".

Promo poster for "Infestissumam".

Poster from "Kerrang!" magazine.

Below follows a few tourposters.

I only own a few of them and since the dates and venues is printed on most of them I will only add text to those posters without that information.

Concert poster for the show at the small Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin on November 24, 2011.

I was there!

This show at Cupolen i Linköping, Sweden,

was very special as it was at this show that the "switch" from Papa Emeritus I to

Papa Emeritus II was made.

This poster was made especially for the show at Mejeriet in Lund, Sweden.

Only 40 were printed and sold only at this show. 

All posters is individually numbered

and signed by the artist.

Poster adverising the band´s show at Gröna Lund, an amusement park in Stockholm, 2014.

Poster adverising the first show with Papa Emeritus III on June 3 2015, at the small venue Club Doom in Linköping, Sweden.

Promotional poster for Sweden Rock Magazine no. 11-2013.

Check out alice´s hat!

Lithograph print made in hundred copies,

individually numbered.

Officially released as it came with one of the pre-order packages available when "Infestissumam" was released.

I´m sad to say that I don´t remember which package it was and what else was included.

The posters in the three pictures above (14 posters total) were given to me for free by the person who had them printed as he knew I was a big fan of Ghost. He supposedly only made 15 copies of each poster which he intended to sell at Ebay, but I haven´t seen any of them there yet.

Anyway, they are all about 30 x 40 cm (A3 size), printed on standard paper and I´ve included the

"Opus Eponymous" CD on the pictures for scale reference.

Fully signed and individually numbered  lithograph sold on the 2015 European tour. Limited to 1100 copies.

I´m not sure if this was sold on the North American tour too, but 1100 copies for the European tour alone seems quite a lot.

Poster with the fall/winter European tour dates for 2015.

Printed on heavy stock and sold at the

band´s merchandise table