LP, 2015

A friend of mine stated the other day, after listening to "Meliora" for a few days, that "Ghost is the best band in the world right now!".

When I asked him why, he said "because there is no other band that puts out such great music on album after album.".

I´m enclined to agree on that statement.

On this third album all the songs they may or may not have had left over after the magnificent debut album must surely have been used up by now.

Still the band continues to deliver songs of such high quality that it´s downright scary!

As was the case when "Infestissumam" was released, quite a few of the new songs had already been released prior to the "real" release date.

"From the pinnacle to the pit", "Cirice", "Majesty" and "Absolution" were all played live this past summer, and all were released as sort of appetizers.

Absolutely great songs all of them, but if I had to pick a single song of the album it would be "He is".

It is the 2015 equivalence of 2010s "Ritual". Great, simple riff, mellow vocals, outstanding chorus and stunning solos.

I´m also very fond of "Mummy dust" with the eerie piano notes, and even the opening song "Spirit", which I must admit I had som problems with initially, grows after a few listenings. The only track that I can say I don´t really like is the short instrumental "Spöksonat". I don´t see the point with that one, but other than that, this is truly a great album!

In conclusion, if Ghost were compared to Blue Oyster Cult and Mercyful Fate in the beginning - and I must say that I really don´t see the similarity to the latter - I feel that when I listen to "Melioa" I find myself repetedly thinking of the 70s Hungarian band Omega.

Sadly overlooked by western audiences, they had the same vibe on many of their albums that I think Ghost shows on this album too.


All Scandinavian editions pictured below have an 15-page, 12" x 12" booklet wich contains 10 paintings (one for each song)  by the Polish artist Zbigniew M. Bielak attached to the inside of the gatefold cover. The front of the booklet have the Grucifix and the is a band picture in the centrefold. Printed innersleeve with lyrics on one side and a photo of Papa Emeritus III on the other.

Swedish / Scandinavian edition, clear green vinyl.

Released in August 2015. 2000 copies.

Exclusive Ginza edition, transparent blue vinyl.

Released in August 2015. 500 copies.

Exclusive Hot Stuff edition, transparent bloodred edition.

Individually numbered with sticker. Released in August 2015. 666 copies.

Exclusive Bengans edition, clear vinyl.

Released in August 2015. 700 copies.

Black vinyl, no pressing quantity available.

Released in August 2015.

Exclusive German / Austrian edition, Transluscent red vinyl.

Released in December 2015. 500 copies.

Exclusive CDon edition, bronze vinyl.

Released in August 2015. 1000 copies.

Swedish / Scandinavian edition*, clear yellow vinyl. Released in September 2015. 1500 copies

* Overstock later sold in Germany too.

The German / Austrian edition is very similar to the bloodred

Hot Stuff edition. The German / Austrian edition:

- have asingle cover (not gatefold / fold-out).

- have the 12" x 12" booklet inserted in the sleeve, notattached.

- have a different label.

Exclusive Hot Topic edition, grey smoke edition.

Released in September 2015. About 1000 copies (no exact number given). Available in different shades, from light grey to very dark. The darker, the rarer.

"Meliora" box-set. Released in August 2015.

Comes in a black box with silver foil grucifix and contains:

- "Meliora" LP on black 180 gram vinyl.

- "Zenith/ Cirice (edit)" on 10" clear yellow vinyl.

- Sealed envelope with three cards

- Poster

- 12" x 12" booklet.

5000 copies.

In addition to the versions pictured above, there is also the following editions available:

German / Austrian exclusive edition WHITE vinyl: 800 copies.

(There was nothing else I wanted to order and didn´t feel like paying 14 Euros in postage for one album, so I kept putting off ordering it - and all of a sudden it was sold out! It is no rarity yet so I will put it up here eventually, but for those of you who wonder why it isn´t here right now; well, now you know).

Rumoured release:

Nuclear Blast exclusive(?) GREEN vinyl: no confirmed pressing quantity.

At this time (September 2015) I have no additional information. All I know is that I have only seen the green vinyl on Nuclear Blast but it didn´t have the usual mark of an exclusive Nuclear Blast edition, nor was it stated in the description when I read it.

When I asked the Swedish branch of Universal, they replied that it was not the same as the Swedish / Scandinavian "clear green" vinyl, but couldn´t give any further information.

*Updated December 22*

This was most likely a similar scenario as with the "Scandinavian only" clear yellow vinyl, which was actually sold by Nuclear Blast a few months after it was first released in Scandinavia. Probably overstock copies from distributors, and mayby this was the deal with the rumoured green vinyl too? The difference being that the green vinyl eventually sold out in Scandinavia and the yellow didn´t.