LP, 2013

To follow-up to the massive success of their debut album wasn´t an easy task, but the band sure pulled it off.

"Infestissumam", which means something like "the great threat", was released in April of 2013 and it contain several tracks that I consider

to be equal - or even better - than the best tracks on their debut album.

Among them "Year zero", "Secular haze", "Monstrance clock" and what I think is their best song all together: "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen".

"Infestissumam" (the instrumental intro) and "Per aspera ad inferi" form a great double-punch much in the same sort of mould as

"Deus culpa" and "Con clavi con Dio" does on their debut. "Per aspera ad inferi" might be a little too repetitive for my taste,

but otherwise a great song. The same goes for "Body and blood" and "Jigolo har migiddo".

"Idolatrine" and "Depth of Satan´s eyes" I consider to be the two weakest tracks on the album.

Far from being bad, but still not in quite the same class as the rest of the material, mostly because of the repetetiveness. Is that even a real word?

But all things considered, if the band continues to release albums as strong as this one, I will be more than happy!


Swedish / Scandinavian edition, black vinyl.

Released in May 2013. 2000 copies.

Swedish / Scandinavian edition, transparent

yellow vinyl. Released in late May / early June 2013. 2000 copies.

All five Scandinavian editions pictured below have an 11-page, 12" x 12" booklet with paintings of the Polish artist Zbigniew M. Bielak

attached to the inside of the gatefold cover. Printed innersleeve with lyrics on one side and another painting on the other.

Swedish / Scandinavian edition, clear vinyl.

Released in April 2013. 4000 copies*.

Swedish / Scandinavian edition, orange vinyl. Released in late November / early December 2014. 1000 copies.

US / international edition, transparent red vinyl. Released in the second half of 2013 under the name Ghost B.C. Two stickers on the cover.

Gatefold cover with a picture of the band to the left and lyrics to the right. Plain white innersleeve.

Swedish / Scandinavian edition, purple vinyl. Released in July 2015. 1000 copies. The two pictures above is actually of the same vinyl but with different background. Against one background the vinyl looks red and against another it looks pink!

I will try to take a better photo soon, but for now, this will do.

* Upon its original release in April 2013, this edition was advertised as being limited to 2000 copies.

   Since then, Universal has revised and confirmed that the total number of clear vinyls produced was in fact 4000.


A picture disc version of "Infestissumam" began surfacing in early 2014, and first reports stated it was an official South-American fan-club release made in very limited quantity, supposedly 250 copies.

Yeah, right.

This is not official, not South-American, not issued by a fan-club and definetly not limited to 250 copies.

This is most likely a European bootleg made in well over a thousand copies.