First off, let me state right away that I´m usually a huge fan of the vinyl bootleg and hunt after them like crazy!

That being said however, I am NOT a fan of the trend these recent years of mega limited editions - often only five or ten copies.

Not only is it almost impossible to find them, but if you do manage to track one of them down the price asked for them are nothing short of ridiculous.

I like to try to get as complete a collection as possible, but those limited quantities and accompanying prices

effectively kills both the collecting spirit and the wallet.

I´d rather spend my hard-earned cash on officially released products.

For this reason, I do not collect bootlegs by Ghost and only very few of the records listed in this section are my own.

I still like to keep an eye open for what´s out there and have saved pictures of bootlegs over the past years when I have found them.

I don´t have any first hand information on any of them and all I know is what can be read on the pictures.

More colors available of some release, a second run produced of another - I have no idea! When I find it I will add it, but for now, this is all I know.

All pictures come from searches on eBay over the years, Discogs and google.

If you have better pictures, additional information or pictures of a bootleg not listed - feel free to let me know.

Drop me a line at:

I´ve listed the records below in no particular order.

 LP & 12"  LP & 12"  LP & 12"


Black vinyl


Clear vinyl


"13 dates of doom - Bottom of the hill".

Recorded live at "The Bottom Of The Hill" club in San Francisco on February 1, 2012, on their "13 dates of doom tour".

Released in 10 individually numbered copies, five clear vinyl and five black vinyl.

Also includes a certificate that states your number along with recording information.




Black vinyl, glow-in-the-dark printed side.

Black vinyl, playing side.

Green glow-in-the-dark vinyl, printed side.

Green glow-in-the-dark vinyl, playing side.

"A gholish tale".

Recorded live at Graspop Meeting in Belgium on June 30, 2013.

1-sided LP with either black vinyl or green glow-in-the-dark vinyl. 250 copies of each.



Black vinyl, playing side.

White vinyl, playing side.

Light blue or red print on back.

Black vinyl, printed side.

White vinyl, printed side, light blue.

White vinyl, printed side, red.


"The early rituals".

Contains the band´s first demo and this bootleg was among the first LPs released on the band.

At least it was the first one with a wide distribution.

The black vinyl with the dark blue screen print was the only one available for several months,

and then came the white vinyl with either light blue or red screen print.

They are all supposed to made in 250 copies, but I´m pretty sure the black vinyl was made in higher quantity.



Test pressing, front.


Test pressing, back.

Night blue vinyl, 50 copies.

Light grey marbled vinyl, 30 copies.

Aqua marbled, 20 copies.

"Haunted Luxembourg".

Recorded live at Herchesfeld-Roeser Festival Grounds, Luxembourg, on 1st July 2014.

This is probably the most well-produced of the vinyl LP bootlegs available to date.

A great, high-quality color cover and quite a well-sounding recording too. Comes in a plastic sleeve with sticker indicating which color it is.

Initially released in three different vinyl colors (see above) and also 15 individually numbered testpress copies.

In addition to those versions there has surfaced two additional colors:

Night Blue Marbled in 7 copies and Dark Grey Marbled in 4 copies.



Grey vinyl, 300 copies.


Purple vinyl, 100 copies.

Sticker with pressings information.

Yellow vinyl, 50 copies.

"Night of ritual".

Recorded live at Riviera Theatre, Chicago, on April 13, 2012.

Released in three different colors - all in different quantity (see above).

Comes in a plastic sleeve with a sticker with information about the various pressing quantities.



Stickered plastic sleeve.


1-sided 12" picture disc limited to 75 copies. Comes in a plasic sleeve.





Picture disc. Never officially released.

For more information, see the "Infestissumam" vinyl page.