About me. (2015-11-09)

Hi there and welcome to my site about Ghost. Or rather - a site about collecting Ghost.

Initially, I wanted to make a simple page about my own collectio and the idea was that I would have the collection easily accessable when I come across new items. Just go to the site and see if I have it.

Pretty soon I discovered that it would be way cooler to try and collect pictures of posters, vinyls, T-shirts and anything else Ghost related and make this a reference for everyone.

Well, that was the intention but it proved more difficult than I anticipated. It´s hard to find decent pictures of all items I know exist out there and in addition to that it takes time to keep the site updated.

I think the end result - even if the page is far from being fininshed at the time of writing - is somewhere in the middle: more than just my own collection, but much less than a complete reference.

Right now the site is still under construction, but I find that the time between updates is getting longer and longer.

I will try to make more updates, because I want to see the site completed. That means that all the sections will be put online, but they will then be updated (hopefully) on a regular basis.

So who am I?

Well, my name is Magnus and I´ve been collecting Ghost since the end of 2010.

The band´s debut album was released in October 2010 and I heard it about a month later and became instantly hooked.

I consider "Opus Eponymous" to one of the best debut albums of all time.

I started collecting soon after that. At first it was only vinyl as Rise Above Records seemed to release a couple of new vinyl colours every month, but soon I started to collect pretty much everything with the band´s logo on it.

What´s my favourite Ghost collectables?

Some of you have written to me asking that exact question, and it´s a hard one as it varies from day to day.

It is very hard not to mention the "Opus Eponymous" sealed die-hard

or the two "Elizabeth" vinyl singles in red and clear vinyl, both of wich are very rare.

Then there´s the very limited tour t-shirt for the band´s first two American shows,

the psychedelic "Opus Eponymous" screenprint poster or the special poster for the concert in Lund in 40 copies.

But if I have to chose only one - then I´ll choose three!

More specifically the three original paintings made by Alan Forbes.

As much as I like limited prints or editions - be it records, lithographs or whatever - they are still basically reproductions of something original.

The three paintings by Alan Forbes are truly one-of-a-kind and they are my prized Ghost collectables.

Is there something I don´t collect?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: yes, a lot.

I don´t collect vinyl bootlegs that are made in five or ten copies because they simply cost too much

+ it´s impossible to collect them all. And if I can´t get them all I´d rather not collect them at all.

Sure, if I´ll find one really cheap I´d probably buy it, but that´s not likely to happen.

Vinyl variations such as the US "Meliora" grey smoke edition. It´s available in a variety of different "darkness", from light grey smoke to very dark grey smoke. I don´t care about that.

I´ve seen the black spot in various size on some of the "Opus Eponymous" editions -

from almost only a black ring around the label to almost covering the whole vinyl.

To me, they are all the "grey smoke" and the "black spot" no matter how dark the smoke or how big the spot.

I also stopped collection T-shirts. I bought everything I came across up until somewhere mid-2013.

Around that time Ghost started to become a big seller and lots of bootleg and counterfeit T-shirts

were made and that´s no fun to collect. Nowadays I only buy at the band´s store and at their concerts.

That means less t-shirts, but on the other hand they are all official.

Some other stuff I buy when I come across it cheap but not really collect is

tour posters, patches, badges and a whole lot more.

Like I said before, I used to buy everything with the Ghost logo on it.

But since the band´s popularity has skyrocketed these last couple of years I can no longer afford everything and there are so much counterfeit crap out there that I kind of lost interest all together.

Well, that was a little bit about me and my thoughts about collecting.

If you have any questions or want to get in contact with me, you can write at


Take care and keep collecting!