7" vinyl single, 2010.

This single was released by the small independent label Iron Pegasus Records.

It was released prior to their debut album, in September of 2010 making it the first appearance of the band on vinyl.

Most collectors are familiar with the black vinyl and many know about the red with black marbles,

but what many collectors don´t know is that there were actually two more colours made: clear and red.

Now, the total edition of this release was a thousand copies and according to Iron Pegasus "mostly black",

which is probably about as exact a number we will get from them.

This single is getting increasingly hard to track down, but when you do find it it´s usually the black vinyl. Let´s say it was made in 600 copies.

A couple of years ago the red vinyl with black swirls were hard, but not impossible to find. Let´s say it was made in 300 copies.

That would leave us with the red vinyl edition and the clear vinyl editon at 50 copies each. That seems reasonable, as you almost never see them.

Even collectors who bought the black and/or the black-red vinyl immediately when it was released

claims that neither the red or the clear vinyl was available to order at that time.

I don´t know, maybe band members, Iron Pegasus-people or distributors got first chance to buy,

causing those two editions to be sold out even before they went on sale.

Both the red and the clear vinyl singles have been confirmed to be sold for about $ 1500 each.

At discogs it states that the total amount of singles being pressed was 500 copies,

divided among 300 black, 100 red/black, 50 red and 50 clear.

As stated above, I think that 50 each of the red and clear is probably correct,

but I seriously doubt that there is only 300 black and 100 red/black. Again, see above

Below is a screenshot of me writing to the Iron Pegasus label back in 2011 and asking for pressing quantities of the two versions I knew about at the time. Keep in mind that I refer to the red/black simply as "red", since I didn´t know there was an actual red vinyl at the time.


According to Discogs, there has been two new editions surfacing on the collector´s market in 2014.

White vinyl and clear vinyl with red spots. Both these editions are fake and unofficial releases.

The pictures below are taken from Discogs as I haven´t seen any of them myself.

Both come in reproduction counterfeit covers.

At the time of writing (July 31, 2015), a 7" picture disc of "Elizabeth" has just been released. It is supposedly limited to 15 copies and is of course 100 % unofficial.

Another fake. This time it´s a red vinyl with plain white label.

The following four pictures shows a counterfeit release of the black version of the single.

At first glance it looks like the real deal, but there are several ways of telling this from the original,

and here are some of them

The paper quality.

While the original edition is printed on much thicker stock,

the counterfeit feels very soft and bends very easy

Clarity / clearness.

This is a big tell if you have an original or a fake.

As you can see in the pictures above, the fake version is really blurry despite having been touched up to a brighter kind of red.

The "Iron Pegasus" logo is almost white and the

Of course, the best and easiest way of telling if the record is original or a fake,

is by the matrix number, or "dead wax letters".

No matter what you call it, it is the small area between the music grooves and the label.

On the original, it is handwritten and states IPS 014, followed by A or B depending on which side you look at.

There is aslo handwritten "SST" and machine stamped "-21138-".

All other versions are fake. On the fake record above, the matrix number is MD 01- A1/B1

(again, depending on what side you look at)

On the original cover, there is some space between the "Iron Pegasus"logo and the edge of the cover.

On this fake release, the logo is right on the edge. Another way of telling them apart.