Important information about the
UTRECHT Record Fair
in The Netherlands on
November 16-17, 2019.
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Some great pieces that deserves to be recognized.

*** November 12, 2019***

Sad news!
I am very sorry to inform you that due to some very hectic last few months at work

I have not found the time to prepare any items for the Utrecht record fair.

I will be going, but a friend of mine will use my stall and selling CDs.

Since I had already gotten my vacation days approved I will use them to go to the fair as well.
But as a visitor and not a seller.

I am very sad and sincerely sorry about this, but I hope you will understand.

The goal is still to sell off items I have doubles of, but for now I have no idea when it will be.
I don't want to set a date only to realise that I won't make it on time. 

These last few weeks, when I have realised that I will not be able to make it, have made me feel very stressed.

I will be getting a complete list of items for sale available, but I have learned from this mistake

and I will get the list done first and then inform of the sale. 

Not the other way around.

Once again, my sincere appologies for any inconveniance this may cause.

And for those of you who will be going to Utrecht - good hunting!