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*** November 03, 2018***


Hello to you all, fellow collectors!



I will have a stall at the record fair in Utrecht, Holland, on November 17-18.

In the crates I will have lots and lots of GHOST VINYL!


Ever since I started collecting Ghost back in 2010 I´ve bought doubles, tripples or even quadruples (!) of many items, and now it´s time to let some of them go.


All of the Ghost records I bring to Holland were bought new by me,

many of them are STILL SEALED and all of them are guaranteed to be UNPLAYED!

From the ”Opus eponymous”-era right up to the current ”Prequelle”-insanity!


The records will not be sold at bargain prices, but if you are a serious collector looking for items in pristine condition from a reliable source, you will not be disappointed.


Among the items up for grabs will be a copy of the ”Elizabeth” single in red vinyl with black swirls.


I will also bring a very limited quantity of the Ghost Grale (beer) at € 10 a bottle. All of them are new and unopened, of course. As the Ghost Grale is currently not available for ordering, all bottles I have has expired dates.


If you are going to the Utrecht fair and have any request for Ghost items you want me to bring,

please drop me a line at epicus70@hotmail.com and I´ll see what I can do.